show house bath #1 tease...

hi!!  lots of everything is happening right now and it's all so exciting i can barely contain myself!!!  as of this week, i have 2 full weeks to complete my 2 powder baths in the show house.  things are rocking and rolling over there and i wanted to share a little snapshot, a tease if you will, of the powder bath by the grand staircase.  looking back on my paperwork for the show house, i originally dubbed this space "fresh elegance".  wth does that mean??  ok, yes, i am asking myself that as well... at the time it represented a fresh, joyful space, with an essence of classic french design (think marble, lots of moulding, black iron, natural oak).  my schooling in french design comes from the streets of paris, so maybe it's a bit more urban look.  regardless, things are moving along toward an easy, sophisticated space that i have casually been referring to as the "good girl" powder bath. the old wallpaper has been painstakingly removed, the old tile floor removed, the sconce wiring moved, new wall moulding put up, custom vanity hung, painting has started ( i actually threatened the painter with his life if he gets any paint on the vanity - he understands the sacrifice at stake - i love you efram:)  so here's a collection of some of the players in the room.  i think it's going to be breathtakingly beautiful and fresh and chic (and cover worthy ;)!!!!  let's just all pray the interior custom door actually makes it on time!

tickets for the tour are now for sale, as are tickets for the opening gala evening, where you get to get a first look, personal tour by all the designers, and eat, and dance, and support our most wonderful Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and get dressed up, and ride in a fun bus!!  (ok, it's just a shuttle, but come on let's get a little crazy and make it like we want it!!)  Go here for tickets for both.  if you live intown, please visit stanton home furnishings, who is one of the locations to purchase tour tickets!

please let me know when you plan to visit and i will meet you there for a personal tour!!!